The Story of Jack’s Birth

15 Nov

Here is the story of Baby Jack’s arrival on Monday, October 29, 2012.

We had a scheduled C-Section due to a prior surgery I had and the fact that my doctor highly suggested I not deliver to avoid any possibility of my vestibulitis reoccurring. I know it’s a little TMI, but surprisingly many people have asked why the C-Section, so I’ll be open about it. God works in mysterious ways because as it turned out, I would have undergone a C-Section regardless, as Jack’s umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. So we were truly grateful that we already had one scheduled and I didn’t need to have an emergency C-Section.

Sunday night (really Monday morning), I couldn’t sleep out of excitement and nerves, but mainly the excitement. I couldn’t believe that in a few short hours we would get the pleasure of meeting our baby boy that we had been waiting for, for nearly 10 months! I’m pretty sure that when the 5:00 am alarm sounded that I wasn’t actually asleep because I have never been able to jump out of bed so quickly. Off we went to the hospital, on our last trip as a twosome.

We arrived promptly at 5:45 (this was definitely one of those times I was not going to tolerate tardiness)! We filled out some paperwork and then we were immediately taken back to what would be our living quarters for the next 3 days. The nurses started my IV fluids and Adam and I waited around discussing the fact that in less than two hours we would be parents.

And no time, I was whisked back into the OR to be prepped. I was incredibly nervous at this time because Adam had to wait outside while I got my spinal and waited for the drugs to take full effect before he could come be with me.  My nurses and the doctors were INCREDIBLE!  They put me at ease while I was prepped and coddled me as I got my spinal, which I was not the easiest patient because I felt the spinal which apparently you’re not supposed to, so I kept jumping up in pain (my poor anesthesiologist, God bless her, was so patient with me, which couldn’t have been easy considering she had a huge needle in my spine and I kept jumping back!  So that process took a tad bit longer than it should have, which scared Adam that something was wrong. But no, his wife just had a difficult and nonoperative spine! Once the spinal had kicked in and my doctor had actually already started cutting¸ Adam was allowed in the OR.

Adam was amazing. He held my hand and kept me completely calm and distracted. Which if you heard about the PF Chang’s incident (which I of course told everyone in the OR) then that might come as a surprise to you too. As soon as my doctor said, “Okay we’re almost to baby” my nervousness turned to pure excitement and a few short seconds later he announced “he has hair” and pulled out the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. I got a quick glance at him before he was rushed off to be cared for, measured, etc. I immediately burst into tears as I looked into Adam’s eyes. He did too. It was the most amazing and surreal moment of my entire life.

After what felt like an eternity, Adam brought Jack over to me so I could kiss his little face and relish those first few moments as a family of three. Best. Day. Ever.



He’s Here!!

13 Nov

Jack Conner Wilson arrived on October 29th at 8:19 am, weighing in at 8 lbs and measuring 19.5″ long.  We are head-over-heels for him!! I’m a little late in posting this, considering we had his 2 week appointment yesterday, but there hasn’t exactly been a lot of “free” time to post. It’s a good thing that he is super cute, because that is his saving grace for the 1-3:30 am “playtime”!

First Family Photo

Sweet Baby Jack



38 Weeks!

17 Oct

Well I am just a little behind on this! I didn’t even take a picture from last week…whoops. I’m not sure that there was even much of a change between 36 and 37, but there is definitely a BIG change this week! I’m huge!

How far along? 38 Weeks (Woohoo!)

Baby is the Size of: Baby is as long as a leek

Total weight gain: Still 42 lbs…hoping that it stays this way for the next 12 days.

Maternity clothes? Yes. I was hoping that the weather would be nice (aka cold) and I could wear chunky sweaters and leggings, but this hasn’t happened yet as it’s 80 something outside.

Stretch marks? I think I’m in the clear.

 Sleep: Still not happening, I am pretty sure that I will get better sleep with a newborn waking me up every 2 hours.

Best moment this week: I have the best stepmom and dad!! This past week Kim took me to lunch and we went over to Babies “R” Us and they treated us to all of the remaining necessities from our list! It was such a surprise and so incredibly nice! We are all set for Baby Jack! Oh and Adam’s coworkers threw us a baby shower (really a let’s get Adam drunk one last time before fatherhood/reality sets in) last Thursday and they were all so generous going in on a gift card! And Adam had a great time. I can’t wait until several months down the line when Adam stays in with the bambino and I go out to the bar for a happy hour!

Miss Anything?: I really do hate complaining, because I am so, so, so happy that I am pregnant; but I don’t enjoy pregnancy. I am missing pain-free days. Literally my ENTIRE back is in constant pain, all-day, every day. But I know that in 12 short days I won’t remember any of this!!

Movement: Friday, I went to my doctor’s appointment and mentioned how the past 24 hours Jack’s movement had really decreased and I was a little concerned after trying all the tricks (fruit juice, chocolate milk, laying on my back, side, etc.) and nothing was working. Well my doctor tried getting him to move and no luck. I mean, we could hear that his heartbeat was fine, but he wanted me to head over to Labor and Delivery to make sure that the baby wasn’t in distress and needed to come out. So, Adam had to pull it together (since this was the morning after the “baby shower” ) and he was still a tad inebriated and meet me there. Thankfully everything was fine and he was not in distress, so he’s still in the oven baking (obviously).

Food cravings: Hmmmm…nothing really.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nada.

Labor Signs: Still having contractions, but nothing significant and not close together yet.

Symptoms: Nothing new, SSDD.

Belly Button in or out?  What belly button?

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: I’m going to have to go with moody.  Being uncomfortable is making me unpleasant to be around. Adam is being a trooper though.

Looking forward to: Jack’s arrival!! 12 days for sure, unless he comes early!!!! We cannot wait to meet our little guy!!

A Month in Review: Weeks 33-36

4 Oct

I’m quite behind on updating, so I’m posting a month in review!

How far along? 36 weeks

Baby is the size of: From a pineapple at 33 weeks, to a cantaloupe, then a honeydew melon, and now a Crenshaw melon at 36 weeks (all the ingredients for a tropical fruit salad) I am getting one fruit closer to due date!

Total weight gain: A whopping 41 pounds. Yeah. I am seeing numbers on the scale that I never thought possible. Apparently and much to my dismay, there is zero chance that Jack will be a 20 pounder at birth.

Maternity clothes?: Oh very much so and Adam’s t-shirts, which are sadly looking smaller each day.

Stretch marks? Still going strong!

 Sleep: The Ambien has changed my life! I can at least fall asleep and catch some z’s on and off, so I am happy! Plus, now that I am at home full-time I can nap when I need to; so nice!

Best moment this week:  Well there have been many great moments over this past month. One of the main ones being the baby shower that my amazing friends threw for me and Baby Jack; it was such a great time and special day. Everyone was so generous and I have never felt more loved! The next weekend we completed most of our registry items and have for the most part, gotten everything organized in the chest-of-drawers/changing table combo, so I feel like a lot of progress has been made in preparing for the bambino! The most bittersweet moment of the week was last Friday. It was my last day at MindsEye! after three and a half years. I feel like I am on vacation right now, so it hasn’t officially sunken in yet. There is still a part of me that feels like I will be returning. Oh and one last happy ecstatic moment was entering this final month of pregnancy! There is an end in sight and we will get to meet our precious baby in less than 4 weeks now (wow)!!!!

Miss Anything?: My energy. I thought that I had just been exhausted recently from working all day and not being able to kick my feet up, etc. but it turns out, nope that’s just the beauty of your third trimester. Those annoying first trimester symptoms that you thought you kicked to the curb return with vengeance in your third.

Movement?: Yes, although it has decreased because he has literally run out of room. When he does kick though, there is some impact behind those jolts!

Food cravings?: Spaghettios. Adam has had lots of dinner meetings recently, so I have had to fend for myself. Maybe it’s because I’m part lazy and Spaghettios are incredibly easy to fix, but I legit had them 3 nights in a row and maybe a couple times for lunch this past week. I’m actually craving them now…

Anything making you queasy or sick?: Nothing.

Labor Signs?: Yes! The baby has dropped and I have been having contractions on and off (and very far apart) for the past week (actually maybe a little more)! I guess that this doesn’t’ necessarily mean that he’ll come early because it’s totally normal, but I can’t believe that we are getting so close!

Symptoms: Surprise, surprise my back pain is worse. I hate bitching about it because I am obviously thrilled and blessed to be carrying this little bundle, but this is a constant pain that is starting to make me a little cray cray. You always hear people say how uncomfortable they are that last trimester and until now, I am realizing that, that is such an understatement. I’m going to stop bitching now.

Belly Button in or out?  It’s nonexistent, it’s level with the rest of my belly.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time?: Happy for the most part, but starting to get a little antsy awaiting jack’s arrival. And by antsy, I mean ready to have this baby and be comfortable again. I will take sleep deprivation over a painless back! So long story short, I have been a tad bit bitchy when I’m seriously in pain.

Looking forward to: October 29th!!! But if Jack wants to come before that, by all means!!

So this is not the best example of the growth that has happened; I think that I was on to something with wearing the same outfit for the last post, to keep track…but oh well, rest assured that I am the size of a small house! On another note, check out how sparkly my wedding ring is in the last pic…that is what happens when I actually clean it (note to self)!

Flying High & Full of Joy!

1 Oct

On my first official day as a stay-at-home mom (technically wife, until I have our baby) I have some time on my hands to blog. I’ll post a month in review later of my “weekly” updates, but for now, I want to fill you in on the AMAZING shower that my generous and incredible friends threw for us a couple weeks ago!

The theme of the shower was centered on our nursery theme of vintage planes; from the invites to food to décor, everything was incredibly well thought out and absolutely perfect! I (and Baby Jack) have never felt more loved! We are extremely blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in our lives.

So thank you to everyone who was able to come and celebrate the impending arrival of Baby Jack – it meant the world to have you there! For those who couldn’t come, here are some pictures from that day.

Invest in Family

13 Sep

So a lot of change is coming (and I’m not referring to reelecting Obama)! Obviously our lives are about to change in an amazing way with the newest addition to our little Wilson family; but the other huge adjustment on the horizon is my career. I absolutely love, love, love what I do, the people I work for and with, and of course my clients (for a majority of the time 🙂  ).  I have always said that I would never/could never be the type to stay home with my baby. Not that it wouldn’t be a gratifying experience, but I just never felt like it was for me.

Well, everything changed when I got pregnant. Imagine that. You hear people say all the time, “it will be different when you have kids” or “just wait”; and I was always responsive with “yeah, well it’s not for me. I just know how I am and I don’t see that happening”. Well, it happened. I haven’t even had this precious little baby yet and I already can’t imagine handing him over to complete strangers (OK, maybe not complete strangers, but someone I’ve interviewed twice) to care for him. Adam has always been on-board with the idea of me staying home, even back in college when we would talk about the future.  But he was incredibly respectful of my feelings on the subject matter and just agreed to disagree, but not vocally about it, because in the end it would be up to me.

After much internal debate, September 28th will be my last day at the office. It will no doubt be bittersweet. I am still planning on doing contract work from home, but come October 1st, my full-time occupation will consist of an entirely new set of challenges (and rewards) as I navigate a domestic lifestyle! Of course the transition will not be seamless and I know I will have my days, but I am looking forward to this new adventure with an open mindset.  I am so thankful that I am afforded with this opportunity because I know that not everyone who would like to stay home can. This is not to say that we are not going to have to give up or cutback on certain things; essentially rearrange our priorities. But I’m pretty sure that without any hesitation, our priorities will automatically change and there won’t even be a second thought about “giving up” any lifestyle changes because Jack will be the center of our world and all the other stuff won’t matter near as much, maybe not even at all.

Side note: No joke, the night that I officially decided that this was the absolute right choice 100 percent, I received this fortune. I have been carrying it around ever since. It was just another sign that investing in family is more important than anything monetary.

Nursery Progess and Inspiration

12 Sep

So again, failing at this thing! I have every intention of blogging more regularly, but let’s face it a lot to do and not enough time to sit down and narrate about the updates (and frankly, not everything is newsworthy)! But I have had so many people ask me about how the nursery is coming along. So here is a little update! The goal is to finish hanging all the shelves, hang the blinds, order all of the art prints (if I can get Adam to commit) and then hang the picture frames. Of course organizing all of the supplies, clothes, etc. will be a whole beast of it’s own, but I don’t even want to start that process until the room is completely decorated (might be counter-intuitive, but that’s my preference)!

So here is where we are thus far…

We ordered this darling wooden propeller blade (which arrived 2 weeks ago) that we are going to hang above the crib in between the two mini shelves. Obviously, this setup is going to need to change as soon as Jack can stand up and grab at things…but we still have time 🙂

Then above the changing table/dresser we are going still going back and forth about the plane prints for the picture collage, but I think that these prints from the Etsy Shop Paper Llamas, are the winners (but in different colors):

Here are some nurseries, or elements from them that I love that are a bit of inspiration for the final look! BTW, I never thought that I would care so much about decorating a nursery. Or not that I wouldn’t care this much, but that so much thought and time would go into the planning! I also didn’t realize that my darling husband would care so much either! But I suppose that’s because we’re having a son and Adam is all about the WWII plane theme (he did pick it after all).

On a side note, why it takes such a long time to hang anything is the fact that Adam measures everything, so that it’s perfectly centered and aligned. Since I’m an eyeball it kind-of-girl, I’m not allowed to hang a single thing…hence why there’s been some slight hesitation to jump on it. Here he is in action, with his sidekick. Pretty cute.

More to come as soon as it’s complete!

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